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December 4, 2013 Pink and Yellow Flower Bouquet Painting Finished! Monet and Daisy Are Fun!

by Susan Renee Lammers on 12/4/2013 12:21:14 PM

"Bouquet For Monet" 10x10 oil on copper.  650$ framed in black with gold or gold

wood.  Shipped free.

   I started this painting yesterday at noon and finished at midnight!  I am tired

and my arm is sore today!  I guess I worked hard on this painting.  My eyes

are even scratchy.  I must not have blinked enough.  I will take a few aspirin

and pick up the brush!  

   I was very pleased with how this pink rose came out.  I feel like

I captured the glow of the light on that petal!  I must have worked

for a few hours on just that rose.  I use a limited palette of only four

colors so sometimes it makes it more difficult to hit the note.  At least

my notes all are harmonious because of this limited palette.  

   I liked the way the light hit almost all the flowers in just a few spots.  Most of the

flowers were in shadow or backlit creating wonderful colors.  

    The peach rose had beautiful colors in the shadows and in the

lit areas.  That is a yellow carnation in the center.  There were

so many color from the surrounding flowers on this yellow 

carnation.  Fun to paint!

   Most of the time I start out sketching a very small sketch.  This sketch

is only a few inches.  I don't stick with this sketch all the time.  It is

just a game plan that can be changed.  

   While I was painting Daisy entertained Monet or maybe it was the other way around!

They had toys scattered all over the house.  They even played with Robert's old tennis


   Here is a cute picture of the dogs last week.  Monet

weighs 23 pounds now.  I can still pick him up!  He

loves to be held long as you have a bone or

a carrot to keep his mouth busy!  Those teeth are sharp.

Have a great night!

Catherine via 16 months ago

This painting is stunning! You gave it amazing depth and color since your posting yesterday. Daisy and Monet are the best of friends. It will be so fun to see how Poppy changes the dynamics of your dog tribe.

Renee Lammers via 16 months ago

Hi Catherine. Thank you! How nice of you to comment! Yesterday I took the painting at night so the colors were not true. I used a day lamp but still... The finished photograph reveals the true color. I am very pleased with my Canon EOS 7D for taking such accurate and high quality photos! Yes Daisy has a new friend who is keeping her mind present. She doesn't seem sad anymore. Monet sit so close to her he is always touching her. Poppy is going to be fun! Two goldens are a date. Three goldens are a party! Thanks again for commenting.

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